his dick throbs in agony  
... I think about Ste and Brendan having sex waaaay too much.
- Anonymous

me too

who's jim?
- Anonymous

Carmel’s ex boyfriend, aka Brendan’s (and every other character’s) lawyer :D

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No reason to hold back - hit the girl up, ask her straight out. If they are still together, tell her to make him stop. Srsly, I told a girlfriend once to rain her fucking boytoy in or I would cut his dick off - the fucker was bugging me day and night and that shit is just not going to fly. You aren'T defenseless honey, suckerpunch that dick.
- Anonymous

Yes they are still together. It’s my last day off tomorrow so I guess I’ll just send her a message and see where this goes. 

"suckerpunch that dick" YOU SLAY ME.


please can we talk more about jim’s little drawing on brendan’s files


I love Emmett, I love how much brutal honesty he brought to Brendan. Like when Brendan confronted his grandmother, he full on spat, just a glob of saliva falling from his mouth, he doesn't hold back, he puts all his cards on the table and it's so refreshing and incredible to watch. I miss that.
- Anonymous

LOL he sure loves to spit, does Embo :P

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way to deal with scumbag-dudes who want to get it on with you behind your friends back: screenshot that eff and send it to your friend, tell her "make him stop or I will". that shit is not going to fly.
- Anonymous

The problem is that I think she already knows and is okay with it? They… um, proposed to have a threesome with them like a year ago but I turned them down bc I don’t fancy them. Then I kind of lost contact with him (he doesn’t live in Italy) but he recently added me on What’s App and he’s been texting me non-stop since then.

I think he might be doing it behind my friend’s back but I also think she might knows about this? IDK. I mean, he hasn’t mentioned her so far but who knows. I just know that I don’t give a fuck if he wants to lick my pussy YOU’RE GROSS I’M NOT INTERESTED LEAVE ME ALONE.

- Anonymous

AHHHHHHHH! Now we’re talking ;)


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You’re the light inside my eyes
You give me a reason to keep trying
You give me more than I could dream
And you bring me to my knees
You bring me to my knees
Your heart is gold and how am I the one
That you’ve chosen to love
I still can’t believe that you’re right next to me
After all that I’ve done

I don’t deserve your love
But you give it to me anyway
Can’t get enough
You’re everything I need
And when I walk away
You take off running and come right after me
It’s what you do
And I don’t deserve you
I don’t deserve a chance like this
I don’t deserve a love that gives me everything
You’re everything I want x


You know, sometimes I have daydreams about Brendan coming back and Ste just dropping absolutely everything and everyone right on the spot just to run to him. Because let's be honest - they didn't break up. They didn't seperate bc they didn't love each other anymore, they were torn from each other. So if Bren ever came back, nobody can tell me Ste wouldn't immediately go back to him, period.
- Anonymous

Of course he would. The actors know it, BK and his punk ass team know it, the characters know it. THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS IT.

I wish we had gotten more Ann/Brendan and Walker/Brendan tbh. Those couples all provided so much fun and entertainment, an awesome balance to all the "*GASP*"-drama. Put them all three together, like in a badass, let's-fuck-shit-up-and-conquer-this-fucking-town kinda clique and man ... that's the kind of hilarity that makes you come back to a show, you know.
- Anonymous

I hope for your sake that you meant “Walker/Ste” because I won’t have this Bralker shit IN MY FUCKING HOUSE.

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