Lindt is fucking gross OMG I can’t even eat it xD


Another reason why Scotland must be stopped. SIK FUKS.

The battered mars bar is a scottish thing, i think. Pretty pricey and sold in fish and chip shops. As for black pudding, NO NO NO GET THAT CREEPY THING AWAY FROM ME

You’re telling me that people are willing to pay good money to eat that stuff? 


Your vegan anon wasn't me. You have two vegans following you???

YES. I’m wondering if it’s the same (vegan) Stendan fan that follows me on Twitter?!?

Lindt chocolate is my favourite. It tastes how having sex with Brendan would feel imo

Well, it’s considered the best chocolate in the world, so I guess you made a valid comparison…

"Would you really have taken a bullet for me?"

We do have normal mars in Britain but then someone thought it would be nice to wrap in batter.

Mars Bars are just chocolate bars in England too :p I don't like them, they're too sickly, but my brother loves them. He's never had them covered in batter though DAFUQ?

They’re disgusting aren’t they? “Too sickly” describes them perfectly. Yikes. Then again I don’t like most chocolate bars, so… #FerreroRocher5ever

I've never had a battered mars bar... never even heard of it. We do eat black pudding, usually with breakfast... well, others do, I'm a vegan. But most of is British eat normal, non-disgusting food. I've never heard of anyone eating a battered mars bar. Just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

But most of is British eat normal, non-disgusting food”

are u really sure about that

oh I see, does it taste good though? have you tried it ?

I have tried it and I didn’t like it. A lot of my friends love that stuff though, so it’s probably not as disgusting as I think it is :P

what is that suppose to be? u guys eat that?

In Italy “Mars” bars are some sort of chocolate bars with disgusting stuff inside. Some of the bars you can see in those pics look a bit different though… o.O