his dick throbs in agony  


AU in which everybody is happy and Ste and Brendan got their happy ever after!

DILF Chapter 5, a hollyoaks fanfic | FanFiction


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This fic has now hurt me physically as well as emotionally, the things I go through for you lot.


Then I realised that reality was capable to spit out monsters far worse than that.

Emmett wants to kiss Kieron again :D
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Hello, this thing about Emmett talking about Stendan reunion (pleasegodpleasegod), I wanted to ask about what Kieron said in this radio show? I'm very new to the fandom and I'm still a bit confused. ^__^;

He said that he’d love to snog Emmett’s face off again if he came back :P

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Emmett about a stendan reunion (src)

Emmett about a stendan reunion (src)

Also I love that they beat the shit out of Trevor and Freddie