One of these days i will post an actual nicely done coloured drawings but for now ~


One of these days i will post an actual nicely done coloured drawings but for now ~

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That he did. It’s a shame it was never mentioned again ;)


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I’m surprised we never got to see abusive tendencies on Ste’s part during the Stendan SL - I foamed at the mouth when he lashed out at Doug because I thought the show was finally pointing out the fact Ste is still abusive and unpredictable. But alas.

Same! Although to be fair he did hit Brendan with a baseball bat… ;)

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I'm so glad you like it. And I agree with you, I think Brendan would brush it off and also probably blame himself as well. But then, this brushing it off would make it worse for Ste because he would feel like he needs to be punished for it and he'd almost want Brendan to hate him for it, but Brendan won't because he understands it and that'd just make Ste angrier and more frustrated and I feel it would be possible for them to go back into that cycle of abuse but Ste being abusive towards Brendan

I think they both need a good therapist, LOL.

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I had a Stendan dream where they had a massive argument. Ste snapped and threw boiling sauce over Brendan's bare arms like he did to Amy. There was a lot of underlying stuff so it made sense character wise and Ste ran away. Brendan tried to find him but couldn't. Ste came back later and cuddled him and cried and said how sorry he was. I was just wondering what you thought of it as a scenario and how it would go if it had happened on screen. I really like your interpretations of the characters.


And I’m sure Ste would be capable of doing that because he is one of the most terrifying characters I’ve ever seen and unlike with Brendan you never know when he’s going to snap. That’s why he’s so terrifying.

I’m sure that Brendan - being an abuse victim and and abuser - would forgive him and brush it off just like Ste did with him. They’re both gonna eat that shit up with a spoon and convince themselves that they are not monsters because that’s easier than admitting the truth. 

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I will be on my deathbed looking like JS and my last words will be: “Stendan will never feel differently about each other…………”

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Sometimes I’d pretend to be  asleep. I just close my eyes, do my eight times table.  
Two times eight - sixteen, three times eight - twenty-four, four times eight - thirty-two. 

I was top dog at my eight times table. I  got a  g o l d   s t a r. Got me a gold star.

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